Idle Miner Tycoon: Tips & Strategies

Idle Miner Tycoon is a simulation-based mobile game in which you earn money by constructing mines and upgrading them to earn more money. Even when you’re not running the game, your mines still accumulate money (1/10th of what they would be accumulating if the game were running in the foreground, which explains the word “Idle” in its name. I presume that every time the game is closed, it logs the datetime, and every time it is opened, it calculates the time interval difference to determine how much idle money you’ve accumulated since)

I’ve been playing Idle Miner Tycoon for two months and found a number of tricks. Here they are!

  • Almost always use Prestige because it increases your mines’ earning multiplier by large numbers and offers 200/400 Super Cash. I say “almost always” because there are occasional instances when using Prestige isn’t worth the cost, such as if you already have mines with higher earning multipliers than if you were to use Prestige on a new mine, or if after applying Prestige, you won’t have enough money to unlock the mine shafts
  • At the start of the game, almost always prioritize getting deeper mine shafts and unlocking mines (which have higher earning multipliers)than upgrading past mines
  • If you have lots of cash to spare, a quick way to trade them for Super Cash is to upgrade shafts 1-10 to MAX and upgrade the elevator and warehouse managers
  • Save your Super Cash to purchase the Legendary Chest. It’s worth it. Try to resist the urge of using Super Cash to reduce wait times or to purchase Skillpoints
  • Play the Mainland mines to earn enough Gems to purchase the “-90% Upgrade Cost” Super Manager
  • Apply your Skillpoints judiciously because the cost of successive ones increase a lot. My strategy is to first unlock all the bonuses, and then boost selective ones. For the Green bonuses, I typically boost “All your Mines generate XX% more income” because its effect applies to all the mines (the max is 56.5% per bonus, and there are three such bonuses in total). For Blue bonuses, I tend to boost “Ad Boosts generate XX% more income” (the max ad boost is 56.5%), “You collect XX% more Idle Cash after watching an Ad” (the max is 82.5%), and “Rock Barriers are removed XX% faster” (the max is 28.5%. There are two in total). For Red bonuses, I aim to boost “The Upgrade Cost Reduction of your Elevator/Warehouse/Mine Shaft Managers is XX% stronger” (the max is 28.5%. However, if you already use the Upgrade Super Manager for the Warehouse, then there’s no need to boost it)
  • Watch the 30s ads to boost your income. I hear you…I also don’t like watching ads. To save data and only use wifi to watch the ads, you can change your phone settings to prevent Idle Miners Tycoon from using data
  • For Event Mines, you can get up to the silver medal by playing regularly. But to go beyond it, you need to either pay for a bonus pack (not recommended) or use the cheat to get crazy earning multipliers
  • When upgrading your mine shafts/warehouse/elevator, aim to upgrade in Boosts. For mine shafts, the typical boosts are at levels 10, 25, 50, and 100. Crossing a boost doubles your current earning/transportation rate. Usually, a 10x increase in mine shaft level is at least double the mining rate
  • Cheat to get crazy earning multipliers for extended durations. First, watch an add boost, and then apply a 20x and a 10x multiplier bonus. Afterwards, change your phone’s date to a couple days in the past. Now you have at least a 2x(10+20) = 60x multiplier for several days. I recommend using this cheat to get the gold medals for the Event Mines because they are time sensitive. However, don’t set your phone’s date to be before the start date of the Event. I don’t recommend using this cheat for the other mines because it can take the fun out of the game.

That’s all for now! If I find other tips, I’ll update this page. Happy playing!













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