Best Flight Service Ever!

This morning, I celebrated New Years at 35 000 feet in the air. The flight crew’s enthusiasm encouraged fellow passengers to wake up from their naps and cheer as we crossed from one year to another. I was amazed by the crew’s outstanding service throughout the flight and wondered what they did to provide such amazing services:

  • Outstanding action. Before we took off, the pilots allowed me to visit their cockpit and let me turn on and off the cockpit lights! I had never touched a control in a commercial jet before and this was my first time! It was so exciting because I actually flipped a switch that controlled a part (albeit a non-crucial part) of a Boeing 737! Best pre-flight experience ever. I then remarked to my mom “I touched a button,” to which the flight attendant standing next to the cabin doors cheerfully quipped “Braver than me.” The pilots’ generosity and the flight attendant’s witty remark created a warm-hearted first impression.

  • Inclusive language. The flight crew’s choice of words created an inclusive atmosphere. Eg, “We invite you to join us for a meal of either fish sandwich or pizza sandwich”, “If you have any questions, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you”. As we were leaving the plane, the flight crews “Happy New Year!” gave us a warm start to the new year.

  • Cheerfulness. The flight crew’s happy/neutral facial expressions and cheerful intonations brought genuineness to their words. Even “thank you for flying with us” felt genuine.

  • Celebrations! At exactly 12:00, the announcements turned on and the flight crew wished us a happy new year. This was the most heartfelt and genuine “Happy New Year” I had ever heard. The crew hugged each other and then walked down the aisle to high-five everyone who was awake. We passengers clapped and cheered for the start of 2016. Best new year celebrations ever!

The kind atmosphere, initiative actions, and the crews’ cheerfulness presented a very memorable flight.

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